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Artificial Cherry Blossom

Artificial Cherry Blossom

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This stunning artificial cherry blossom tree with authentic looking real wood trunk, stems, leaves, and soft pink stunning flowers is a beautiful addition to your home, garden, office or business. Incredibly life-like and realistic looking, from only a short distance it's hard to believe it is not real. Perfect if you don't want the hassle or have the time to care for living plants. Totally maintenance free, no need for water, soil, sun or pruning/trimming. The attractive greenery and beautiful flowers will be a natural and contemporary addition in your conservatory, porch, patio or entranceway. They also look fantastic in doorways, on the balcony and also outside shop fronts, offices, receptions along with bars & restaurants.

For an extra stylish look, plant the trees up into large planters or tubs. Fill the bottom with heavy material such as sand or stones to prevent the tree from being blown over in strong winds if placed outside. Then fill with a material that can be compacted such as ordinary soil or stones up to the level you want the tree to sit in the planter. Place the tree in the middle and fill to the top and compact hard around the plastic pot and the base of the tree. Supplied in a plastic plant pot.

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